Julyamsh Promotional Video


Promotional Video for Juylamsh Pow Wow 


Lead Video Editor, Visual Designer, Group Leader 

Julyamsh is a Pow Wow that is held every year by Coeur d’Alene Tribe. A Pow Wow is a celebratory social gatherings that includes friendly dance competitions which are surrounded by ceremonial and traditional beliefs. 

In my Senior Capstone class at WSU, my group and I got the opportunity to work with the Coeur d’Alene Tribe as community partners, to help them create a promotional video for their upcoming Pow Wow. My role in the group was to create and edit the promotional video, as well a reach out to potential  community partners that could help out with the production of the video. 

I made many community partners that helped me produce the promotion video such as local native news outlets, professional photographers, and a Electronic Dance group called Tribe Called Red, which their music is heard throughout the video! I cut up and edited all the content I received from the Community partners to create a exciting visual and promotional story about the Julyamsh Pow Wow gathering.