Joey BadA$$ Lyrics


I analyzed the lyrics from three different rap albums by Joey Bada$$. Joey Bada$$ is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York and is one of my favorite rappers. Here is a link to his website . I believe analyzing his lyrics would be a great way to complete the Text Analysis because of how much his music has changed over the years. I wanted to analyze his albums to find out main words or concepts that he focuses on throughout over the course of his musical career. The three albums that I analyzed for the text analysis are called 1999, B4.A$$, and ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$.

Album Covers and Music


I developed the data to use for the Text Analysis by pulling lyrics from every song in each of the three albums I analyzed. I pulled the lyrics from each song from the Genius website and copy & pasted them on separate word documents, then I separated the documents into to individual folders by album. Once the song lyrics were in the word documents, I had to clean the text from ads and pictures. I uploaded the each of the albums into three separate Voyant tools browsers, to get an in depth look at each album and what words he used abundantly in each. The voyant tools helped me get a data visualization of the top 85 words that he uses through each album and noticed trends that can relate to cultural factors and personal maturity.



The album “1999” was released in 2012 when Joey Bada$ was 17 years old. Some of the most used words seen are swear words such as the N-word, F-Word, B-Word, H-Word, and Sipping. I believe the reason he includes all of these swear words and drug terms in his songs are because of the environment and culture that he was raised in. Joey BadA$ is from a primary black (87.1 %) neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York called East Flatbush. (Center, 2017). Joey Bada$ grew up in a community in Brooklyn were these swear words were probably very common to use as a teenager and you could assume that Joey Bada$ culture he grown accustomed to was shaping his personality and style of rap. A peer review source talks about how personality is shaped by cultural influences:

  • “Personality is shaped by both genetic and environmental influences. Among the most important of the latter are cultural influences. Culture is transmitted through language and the modeling of behavior when conditions permit humans to communicate through shared language, by living in the same historic period, and when they are sufficiently proximal to influence each other.” (Suh, 2002)


B4.A$$ was Joey Bada$$ second album he ever released in 2015, when he was 20 years old. Some of the biggest things I noticed from the Voyant tool visualization about B4.A$$, is his change from using demeaning words in 1999 to using more words like “money”,” time”, “teach”, “away”, “soul”, “child”, “day”, and “away”. I believe he started to use these words more often in his songs because he is starting to face more mature issues in life as a 20-year-old.


All AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ was released in 2017, when Joey Bada$$ was 22 years old. ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ album is full of politically charged lyrics and address many real world problems. I believe he started to address issues that he and other African American faced in the U.S.A. because of his transition into adulthood as a 22-year-old. In a peer reviewed source about transitioning into adult hood they say:

  • “This transition also involves significant changes in personality traits that are generally in the direction of greater maturity and increased stability.”(Christopher J. Hopwood and M. Brent Donnellan, 2011)

Some words that are popular and are more mature-like are “running”, “lord”, “president”, “people”, “change”, “feel”, “kill”, and “amerikkka”. These words are seen throughout the ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ album to describe issues that African Americans face and political problems. I believe Joey Bada$$ grew into a mature state as a 22-year-old, where he felt more comfortable to address these current event issues. Cool lyrics from this album: “Music is a form of expression and I am gonna use mine to teach you a lesson.”


The experience of completing the Text Analysis project was awesome and I loved being able to research a text that is meaningful to me. I believe the worth of a text analysis is very great in today society because there is so much machine-readable text that can be analyzed. One of the biggest things that I feel like is overlooked during this process is the way that text is read aloud, like a song. If I had to continue this project, I would analyse more rappers.

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