Seasonal Change

Camera used: Insta 360 Pro 2, Go Pro Max

Platform used: Adobe Creative Suite


I started the seasonal change project at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic to allow undergraduate students enrolled in an Ecology course at Washington State University to visualize monthly seasonal change at a field trip site location in the time of distance learning.

I have captured two years’ worth of monthly seasonal change at Kamiak Butte County Park on two different microsites, the north aspect, and the south aspect. The first year, I used a Go Pro Max and captured the videos in 5.6K. In the second year, I used the Insta360 Pro 2 and captured videos in 8K and in 3D.  

My motivation behind this project was to allow students to visualize seasonal change with a Virtual Reality headset in order to better understand how a place changes throughout a year due to weather and climate. I believe virtual reality is a powerful tool to support people understanding of the natural world and places around them. 

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