Industry: Education, VR/AR, Research

Platform: WordPress

URL: https://vr2go.coe.wsu.edu/


The VR2GO Lab is located in the College of Education at Washington State University, where I worked as a graduate research assistant and lab manager. The VR2GO Lab conducts research on virtual reality, augmented reality, and assistive technology to support students with disabilities across different subject areas in education. As the website designer, I was tasked with creating a website that would showcase the lab’s research, projects, and faculty. 

My design approach was to create a website that would be accessible, user-friendly, and professional to ensure that visitors could easily navigate and engage with the content. One of the key features of the website is the clear and concise presentation of the lab’s research projects. I utilized graphics and visuals to simplify complex information and make it easier for visitors to understand the lab’s research. Additionally, the website provides information on upcoming events, news, and publications related to the lab’s work.

As the lab manager, I was also responsible for assisting with various research projects that focused on VR/AR for students with and without disabilities. I am proud to have been part of the team that worked on the VR2GO Lab website, and I am excited to continue developing innovative digital solutions that support education and accessibility. 

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